Unlock DeFi on Bitcoin

AYCE & Co. is a Bitcoin Layer-2 federated side chain that enables the issuance of tokens and RWA’s with instant settlement times, high TPS and low network fees.
AYCE & Co. is building a Layer 2 Bitcoin-based, compliance-first fintech stack, designed to process over 1,000,000TPS with the lowest network fees.
The AYCE & Co. platform is built on the foundation of Bitcoin's on-chain Layer 1, ensuring security and stability.
EVM & BTC Compatibility
AYCE & Co’s permission-based L2 is compatible with EVM and BTC protocols to provide seamless cross-chain swaps.
Compliant DeFi
Extend Bitcoin’s capabilities with smart contracts to issue & trade digital & RWA on the only compliant Bitcoin L2.
AYCE & Co. is superior
AYCE & Co. is superior to any other blockchain for tokenizing Bitcoin, offering unmatched speed, cost-efficiency, and compliance.
Instant Settlement / +1,000,000 TPS
Cross-chain Swaps
Mint/Issue Assets
HTLC Smart Contracts

DeFi Use Cases

Digital Wallet
Unlock real-world utility with AYCE’s wallet to instantly send, receive, borrow & lend digital assets powered by $AYCE.
Create and participate in DAOs or unlock micropayments for M2M and gaming on Bitcoin, the most secure blockchain.
Asset Tokenization
Tokenize Real-World Assets quickly and at low costs.
Swap with minimal fees and Earn rewards on the most secure blockchain.
Cross Border Payments
Maximize the speed and low transaction costs of the AYCE network to enable optimized remittances.
Liquidity Pools
Become a liquidity provider and earn a share of the platform's routing fees while supporting the sidechain’s efficiency.
AYCE Bridge
Utilize different eco-systems and protocols with $AYCE to maximize your rewards.


AYCE adheres to ISO standards, AML/BSA rules and operates on Bitcoin's secure SHA256 PoW base-layer protocol.
Instant & Cost-Effective
Utilizing AMP/HTLC smart contracts, AYCE & Co. offers instant settlement & high TPS at the lowest fees.
Atomic swaps enable easy on/off-ramp between Bitcoin applications & networks on the AYCE platform.
Develop & Scale
Deploy smart contracts on AYCE to build DeFi applications and unlock the next trillion dollars in Bitcoin.

Your security is our priority

MPC Technology
We enable multiple parties – each holding their own private data – to evaluate a computation without ever revealing any of the private data held by each party.
Private Keys
We offer both a custodial or self-hosted node infrastructure solution where you hold your own private keys.
No single point of failure
We run a hybrid hardware & software node infrastructure to ensure security with maximized network uptime.
User Authentication
We secure sign-ins with 2-factor authentication along with read-only permissions for subaccounts.

Build on Bitcoin L2

Leverage AYCE & Co.’s federated side chain to issue your own asset and launch your own dApp.
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